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Corporate social responsibility


Charity and sponsorship are the part of the corporate culture of Sberbank Group and one of the traditional directions of participation in the life of the society.

Social responsibility of Sberbank involves both charity and running business in compliance with the legal rules, following business and professional ethics, fulfilling obligations to employees, clients and partners, and transition to international quality management standards.

Sberbank is involved in charity and sponsor activity as regards the development of education, science, culture and aid to people in need. In every region of Kazakhstan, where Sberbank is present, the branch patronizes orphanages.

Among the great number of sponsor events and promotions of 2014, the following most significant projects may be outlined:

  • The Subsidiary Bank of Sberbank in Kazakhstan was the sponsor of the Mariinsky Theatre Tour in Astana and supported the return visit of Astana Opera troupe to St Petersburg in 2015.

  • Charitable Action "Hooray! I go to school!" in the run up to the Knowledge Day – SB Sberbank JSC greeted educatees of orphanages and children from low-income families. More than one thousand of first graders received backpacks and school facilities as a gift.

  • Annual charity action by Sberbank "From heart to heart" in the late October 2014. More than two thousands of educatees of orphanages and care homes received clothes and toys as a gift.

  • Traditional events for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Sberbank implements socially responsible policy to its employees and pays considerate attention to their personal and professional growth. Provision of benefits package, provision of conditions for rest and leisure, support of internal communications, participation in events – all these are the important parts of the Bank's corporate culture. In 2014, Sberbank opened its own Training Centre. This is a unique place for training and upgrade qualifications for all categories of employees and executives of the Bank. Sberbankiada 2014 became one of the brightest corporate events of the year. More than 500 employees all over Kazakhstan participated in it to compete in 9 sports.


The social policy of SB Sberbank JSC until 2019