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в настоящий момент средняя загруженность

Ожидание ответа 30 - 90 сек.

Мы ждем Вашего звонка

ATMs and payment terminals

Payment terminals and ATMs of Sberbank of Kazakhstan offer you basic banking operations on a 24/7 basis using not only a bank card, but also cash funds.

Make financial transactions

  • snyatiyeWithdraw cash from a card 
  • vneseniyeDeposit cash to own accounts
  • izmeneniye_pincodeChange PIN-codes of the bank card

Save your time

  • oplata_mobPayment for mobile and other services
  • oplata_uslugPayment for utilities
  • oplata_gibddPayment for traffic fines and taxes
  • platezhy_creditPayment for loans
  • autoplatezhyAutomatic regular payments for mobile services

Get benefit

  • vkladyReplenish deposit
  • oplata_uslugPayment for services with time-saving
  • podklucheniye_mob-bankConnection of Mobile bank and Sberbank Online

Be always aware of your finances

  • info_po-ostatkamInformation on cash balance on the account
  • mini-vipiskaMini-statement for any account

How to repay

  1. Select the desired category for the payment of
  2. Find the necessary payment
  3. Enter the amount for payment
  4. Enter your personal account / mobile phone number
  5. Check the entered information and insert money
  6. Do not forget to pick up a receipt


  • When you enter your PIN-code, ALWAYS cover your keyboard, for example, with your free hand or purse. It will not allow fraudsters to see your PIN or record it on a video camera;
  • Locks that use a bank card to gain access to ATM vestibule will never require you to enter the PIN code;
  • Before conducting the operation on the ATM, inspect the surface of the PIN keyboard and a card-slot. No attached objects or advertising leaflets should be in these places.

More on precautions

Limits on transactions

Limit for one payment operation in the self-service terminal in cash is 500 000 KZT.
The limit for operations* on transfer from the credit card account to another client's credit card is  15 000 USD per day*

* *Daily cumulative limit operates from 00:00 till 24:00 Astana time.

** Daily cumulative limit is set on the card account, from which the debit transaction is made.