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Cloud Accounting

Use 1C remotely. 24/7 Access

The group of companies 1C-Sapa and Slava KVTs is a leader in the field of business automation based on 1C products in Kazakhstan.
In the market since 1997.

Keep your financial accounts and tax records, manage your business, and submit all reports via the Internet using the popular 1C software suite.


  • Everything is set up and ready for work!

All you need is Internet access and a browser. No need to install anything on your computer, just sign up and get down to business right away.


  • Easy start!

Import data in from your local software and continue working via the Internet.


  • We are always there to help you!

You have access to customised support by highly skilled technicians of our partner as well as high quality tech support from 1C.


  • Our service is available everywhere all the time!

The service can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7. You can work from anywhere you like — from the office or from home, when traveling,while on holiday, or when self-isolating during the lockdown.


  • Cut your costs!

There is no need to buy and maintain expensive hardware and software anymore.


  • Nothing to worry about!

You're always using the latest version of the application. The software provider, 1C, automatically maintains and updates the software suite in the cloud.


  • You business — your rules!

Depending on the specific requirements of your business, we can customise the functionality of your 1C:Enterprise 8 through the Internet service by adding extra reports and modules to it.


  • Reliability and security!

1C is responsible for the security of your data. Your data are stored on servers located in the Republic of Kazakhstan to maximise protection and security.


  • No need to re-train!

The 1C software you access in the cloud is exactly the same as that deployed locally. You will not need to spend time on re-training, you'll just carry on using the familiar software suite, albeit in the browser.


Sberbank clients are offered exclusive terms of service:
pay KZT 110,000 and get 13 months of service + anti-virus software + 3 extra software products — 1С:Webkassa, 1C:PHRM, and 1C:MYC*



1C:MYC* is the Managing Your Company solution for Kazakhstan
1C:PHRM is Payroll and HR Management for Kazakhstan