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Email Marketing

Email as a full-fledged marketing channel that generates additional sales.

Netpeak is a number one Internet Marketing Agency in the field of SEO and Contextual Advertising in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The main directions of agency services: website and mobile application promotion, contextual advertising, email marketing.

The Email Marketing Service is setting up regular and systematic communication with customer’s prospective clients by sending emails, messages in messenger, SMS, as well as push notifications.

Email Marketing is a package of measures aimed at client attraction, retention and win-back. It represents one of the most efficient internet marketing tools for businesses. Email marketing will be effective for online stores, online services and commercial sites, it helps increase loyalty, average cheque and frequency of purchases.


Objectives that email can solve for your business:

  • growth in sales and efficiency of internet marketing;
  • reactivation of «sleeping» clients;
  • promotion of goods and services for an concerned audience due to detailed segmentation;
  • growth in brand loyalty and recognition.


Advantages of Email Marketing Service:

  • Cost of sending letters is relatively low.
  • Conversion from a correctly configured email tool is significantly higher than from other traffic channels. For example, the conversion rate for trigger letters in an online store can reach 5-7%.
  • Clear segmentation of the database by interests and other parameters that an entrepreneur can find out by interviewing clients - in combination, this allows you to increase conversion rate.
  • It is a great tool for abandoned carts recovery, increasing the number of page views and additional sales of related products.

Email marketing perfectly complements the main channels (SEO & PPC), increasing therefore the efficiency of internet marketing in general.