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PPC Service - contextual advertising

Website promotion

Netpeak is a number one Internet Marketing Agency in the field of SEO and Contextual Advertising in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The main directions of agency services: website and mobile application promotion, contextual advertising, email marketing.

The PPC Service (targeted and contextual advertising) is a set of tools for attracting clients who are ready to submit a request, order a service or buy a product. A wide range of PPC settings allows you to show ads only to the customer’s target audience.


The goal of PPC is to bring more targeted visitors to the client's website using paid traffic tools (online advertising), thereby increasing sales / order growth. How to achieve this - to form a media plan, determine the goals and objectives of an advertising campaign, estimate the acceptable cost of attracting a client, select advertising sources (search, media, targeted advertising in social networks, etc.), launch advertising activity and constantly analyze and optimize it ...