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Program of subsidizing interest rates on loan and lease liabilities as per agro-industrial complex financial improvement strategy

You will be able to reduce the debt burden, improve solvency, increase productivity and profitability.

Main advantages: - Individual approach to each client;
- Increase of return terms;
- Change of procedure and priority of payment repayment;
- Reduction of interest rates;
- Provision of grace period for repayment of the borrower’s loan and lease liabilities;
- Write-off of accrued penalties and fines under the Program, if any.
Borrower requirements: Agro-industrial complex entity carrying out activities in the field of agricultural sector, including the processing and sale of agricultural products and having credit / creditor and lease obligations.

Purpose of subsidies / funding:

  • working capital financing, construction and acquisition of fixed assets;
  • finance lease of technological equipment, agricultural machinery.

Financial recovery is performed

  • under credit / creditor and lease obligations that incurred prior to January 1, 2014.


  • extension of period of return of loan and lease liabilities of borrowers for not more than 9 (nine) years.

Maximum amount per one Borrower:

  • In case the amount of credit / creditor / finance lease obligations of the borrower, subject to financial recovery, exceeds KZT 4,500,000 (four billion five hundred million), and there is more than one lender (financial institution), the second-tier banks will establish a committee of creditors for the integrated recovery of API entities and submit a comprehensive financial recovery plan. 

Priority directions:

  • Annex 1

Interest rate:

  • In case of subsidies: The interest rate shall be subsidized by reducing the interest rate under loan and lease obligations of borrower by seven per cent (7%) per annum in KZT and by five per cent (5%) in foreign currency
  • In case of funding at the expense of a financial agent: Interest rate on the restructured / refinanced contracts of borrowers shall not exceed seven per cent (7%) per annum in KZT and five per cent (5%) in foreign currency under loan / lease obligations.


Loan currency:

KZT, foreign currency


No fees and/or other payments are charged from the borrower for the participation in the financial restructuring, except for fees and/or other payments associated with changes in terms of lending/ finance lease initiated by the borrower.


Borrowers that undergo change of the legal form, liquidation or bankruptcy are not admitted, except for borrowers whose debt is being restructured and borrowers who undergo accelerated rehabilitation procedure or rehabilitation procedures. Borrowers that by decision of the commission for financial rehabilitation are deprived of subsiding, may not participate in financial recovery procedure again.


Special condition:

  • Financial recovery is conditional on write-off by financial institutions of all accrued fines and penalties, accrued/ overdue interest is paid by installments under specific schedule (no capitalization in the principal debt) at the interest rate not exceeding 0.1% per annum, except in cases where the borrower has agreed to capitalization of overdue interest in principal debt.
  • Terms of restructured / refinanced loan and finance lease contracts (interest rate, term of payment, deferment of the payment of principal debt and/or interest) may not be changed more than once a year by the decision of the financial recovery commission. In the case of a change (extension) of the term of restructured / refinanced loan and finance lease agreements, term of subsidy shall not be prolonged, and shall not allow the capitalization of interest in principal debt.

*At the moment the Program is suspended, the resumption of the Program, as well as introduction of amendments to the Program, are planned till the end of March 2016.

Перечень документов* ЮЛ ИП
Copies of contract for credit / creditor / lease obligations of borrower certified  by financial institution
AIC financial recovery plan according to the form 
Draft of restructured / refinanced contract, draft of  updated repayment schedule containing columns of subsidized and non-subsidized parts of interest rate certified by a financial institution, including in electronic editable format


Type of activity 













Rice cultivation 

Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers 

Dairy farming

Breeding of other cattle and buffalos 

Breeding of horses and other hoofed mammals

Breeding of camels and camelids 

Breeding of sheep and goats 

Breeding of pigs and piglets 

Breeding of fishes 

Poultry breeding 

Breeding of other animals  

Freshwater fishing 

Processing and packing of meat 

Processing and packing of poultry meat 

Production of meat and poultry meat 

Processing and packing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs 

Processing and packing of potatoes  

Processing of raw cotton in the fiber (primary processing) 

Meat production on an industrial basis 

Production of eggs and egg powder 

Production of fruit and vegetable juices  

Other processing and storage of fruits and vegetables 

Production of oils and fats 

Production of margarine and similar animal fats 

Production and processing of milk and cheese 

Production of flour-and-cereals industry products

Production Production of bread; manufacture of fresh fancy baked goods, cakes and tarts

Production of macaroni products 

Production of sugar 

Production of baby and diet food 

Cultivation of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds 

Warehousing and storage of grains and oil seeds 



приоритет priority 


Cultivation of other seasonal crops 

Cultivation of grapes 

Cultivation of pome fruits and stone fruits 

Cultivation of other fruit trees, bushes and nuts 

Cultivation of beverage crops 

Production of ice cream 

Production of rusks and biscuits; production of fancy baked goods, tarts, cakes, pies and biscuits intended to long-term storage 

 Production of prepared food products and semi-finished products

Production of prepared feeds for animals on farms 

 Production of prepared pet foods 

Wool processing (primary processing) 

Processing of rawhides 

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