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Terms of the Industrial-innovative Development Support Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan through financing by Kazakhstan Development Bank JSC of second-tier banks

Financing terms of the Borrowers under the Program:


Target segment:

Private business entity, being a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that conducts its activities in accordance with sectorial priorities of the Program mentioned below

The loan amount per borrower:

from KZT 500 mln to KZT 4.5 bln.




Interest rate:

at the expense of the Program — not more than 11.5% per annum;

at the expense of the Bank – determined by the Bank.


in accordance with the sectorial priorities of the Program

- Implementation of investment projects of private enterprises;

- Implementation of export operations of private enterprises – no more than 10% of the loan amount;

- Working capital financing (financing of current operations of private enterprises) – no more than 20% of the loan amount. 


Second-tier banks provide at least 20% of their own participation in the loan provided by the private enterprises at the expense of the Program.


Private enterprises cannot get loans from various second-tier banks (excluding already repaid loan) under the Program.

Penalty for misuse:

not less than 10% (ten percent) of the amount utilized not for its intended purpose

Special terms:

Insurance of export of non-primary goods and services is required.

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