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Program of interbank lending by KDB of second-tier banks for lending of large businesses in the manufacturing sector


Large business entity, as defined in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, being a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan that implements a project as part of industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the list of priority subsectors.

The annual average income in 2016 should be more than KZT 6 363 000 000,00  (six billion three hundred sixty three million) or the annual average number of employees should be more than 250 people.   

Loan amount:

From KZT 200 mln to KZT 5 bln

Loan currency:


Interest rate:

Not more than 6% cent (six per) per annum

Loan term: 

Up to 120 (one hundred twenty) months


Investment purposes 

Grace period for repayment of principal debt:

24 (twenty four) months


1) financing of the Borrower for the following purposes:

- participation in authorized capitals of legal entities;

- refund of previously incurred expenses;

- acquisition of fixed assets, assets from affiliated / related companies / persons;

- refinancing of previously granted loans;

2) financing of the Borrower with negative credit history determined by internal regulations of the Bank;

3) financing of the Borrower with overdue debt on taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, and overdue debt to the Bank within six (6) months prior to the date of financing;

4) financing of the Borrower who received a loan (excluding already repaid loan) as part of the Joint Action Plan of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan for financing of businesses;

5) financing of the Borrower that:

- implements project envisaging issue of excisable goods;

- has founders who are national managing holdings, national holdings, national companies and organizations with fifty or more per cent of shares (participatory interest in the authorized capital) of which directly or indirectly belong to the state, national managing holding, national holding, national company;

- withdrawal of fees, charges and/or other payments associated with the Borrower's loan, excluding fees, charges and/or other payments levied by reason of breach of the Borrower's obligations under the loan;

- financing of the Borrowers from the moment of whose state registration there have been passed less than six months (except for cases of reorganization of operating enterprises);

- financing of several affiliated end-use borrowers for implementation of one business project for the total amount exceeding KZT 5 000 000 000 (five billion). One business project is a combination of two or more projects that meet simultaneously the following criteria:  

- activities are carried out in the framework of one subclass of the CCEA;

- use by the Borrower of loan funds for payment of any treaties / contracts / agreements concluded by the Borrower, under which counteragents are the persons registered in the offshore zones provided in the order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated  February 10, 2010 No. 52; 

- acquisition/construction of the non-core assets which are not directly participating in a production cycle, including cars, except for floor spaces for sale of own production only manufactured by LSE (large-sized entity) and warehouse for the storage of own production, raw materials and materials necessary for production, and also floor spaces for sale of own production only of the end-use borrower. The meaning of car is defined according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 04.07.2003 No. 476-II "About motor transport";

- financing of the Borrowers who are registered in the offshore zones specified in the order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 10, 2010 No. 52 and also whose participants/shareholders are registered in offshore zones;

- granting the loans to the Borrowers directed to acquisition of property/assets subsequently issued in the name of the third persons, including directed to construction of object on the land plot issued in the name of the third person , except for construction on the land plot which is in state ownership;

- granting the loans to the Borrowers for the purposes of acquisition/construction of real estate and/or other assets for the subsequent lease / free use.


Borrower obligations: 

Borrower is obliged:

-  to use loan funds only in a non-cash form of calculation;

- not to allocate loan funds for payment of sham or fraudulent transactions. The fact of sham nature or fraudulency is established by a court decision;

- to use a loan within 6 (six) months from the date of transfer of a loan to the account of the end-use borrower, if other term of acquisition of goods / works / services is not provided by the relevant contract concluded by the end-use borrower with counteragent;

-- in case of cancellation by the borrower of the asset purchase and sale transaction or alienation of the asset acquired at the expense of loan funds, the borrower is obliged to notify in writing the Bank within 3 (three) business days after such cancellation / alienation. This term has to be enshrined in the relevant bank loan contract. In case of the direction of the written requirement of KDB JSC, the Borrower is obliged to repay a loan prior to maturity in the manner and within the terms specified in the KDB JSC requirements;

- to issue consent to State Revenues Committee of  the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan to providing data, being tax secret, concerning activity of the borrower as follows:

a) for economic partnership, joint-stock company, data about:

  • cumulative annual income with adjustments;
  • expenses on sold goods (works, services);
  • expenses on accrued income of employees and other payments to individuals;
  • income from foreign sources;
  • net income;
  • number of employees (people);

amounts of tax payments (including expenses on corporate income tax, value added tax, social tax, individual income tax).


The list of priority subsectors for participating enterprises of the Funds Placement Program of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan at second-tier banks for subsequent lending of large businesses in manufacturing industry within the Joint action plan of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on business entities financing

CCEA code


Manufacturing industry              



Production of food 



Production of beverages 



Production of textile products 



Production of clothes 



Production of leather and related production 



Production of wooden and cork products, except for furniture; production of straw and plaiting materials 



Production of paper and paper products 



Printing and reproduction of recorded media 



Production of coke and refined petroleum products 



Production of products of chemical industry 



Production of main pharmaceutical chemicals and drugs 



Production of rubber and plastic products 



Production of other non- metallic mineral production 



Metallurgical industry 



Production of finished metal products, except for machines and equipment 



Production of computers, electronic and optical production 



Production of electric equipment 



Production of machines and equipment not included in other categories 



Production of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers 



Production of other vehicles 



Production of furniture 



Production of other finished products 



Repair and installation of machines and equipment 


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