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Astana Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Financing Program

The main purpose of this Program is to finance the borrowers officially registered in the territory of Astana and provided projects for funding that are planned to be implemented in Astana.

The Program participants:

  1. Astana Akimat;
  2. EDF Damu JSC;
  3. STB.


Target audience:

Small and medium-sized enterprises, young first-time individual entrepreneurs up to 29 years (inclusive) officially registered in the territory of Astana. State registration period as an individual entrepreneur at the time of applying to the Bank - at least three (3) calendar years. The annual average income must not exceed KZT 6 363 000 000,00 (six billion three hundred sixty three million) and average number of employees must not exceed 250 people.  

Lending purpose:

- acquisition, modernization of fixed assets;                                   - working capital financing.


- for acquisition and modernization of fixed assets – up to 83 months, but not later 30.06.2022;

 - for working capital financing – up to 36 months, but not later 30.06.2022.

Nominal interest rate:

no more than 7% (seven percent) per annum.

Intended use:

acquisition, modernization of fixed assets and working capital financing.

Loan currency: 


The maximum amount per one SME:

KZT 20 million.

Grace period on principal debt repayment:

No more than 18 months.

Special term:

- SMEs participating in the Program have the right to file an application for participation in Business road map 2020 uniform business support and development program for receiving guaranteeing;

- no industrial restrictions at financing;

- obligatory approval through CSS.

Loans are not granted for the following purposes:

- refinancing of existing loans of the borrowers;

- participation in authorized capitals of legal entities;

- cover of losses of the borrower's economic activity;

- payment for services to proxy (agents);

- reimbursement of previously incurred expenses of borrowers;

- acquisition of fixed assets, assets, works and services from affiliated persons.

Prohibited: - debt on taxes and other mandatory payments to the state budget is equal to zero in the case if its value of less than ten (10) monthly calculation indicators determined on the document date;
- presence of debt on previously granted budgetary credits; confirmation of absence of debt on previously granted budgetary credits must be confirmed by the borrower in the application for project funding.
- presence of affiliated persons engaged in the similar business.

Penalty for overdue repayment of principal debt, interest, forfeit (fine, penalty) on loan:

No more than 0,2% of the overdue amount for each day of overdue.

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